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Whole Life Guaranteed Insurance Quote and Application Process From United of Omaha Life Insurance Company or Companion Life Insurance Company

Getting a Whole Life Guaranteed insurance quote is an easy process. We offer phone, in-person, and online insurance quote options. For those who would like to speak face to face with a representative, simply locate one of our agents. They will work with you to find the best fit and plan for your situation. If you wish to fill out an online application, you can do that here.

The Application

The application for Whole Life Guaranteed insurance is straightforward. We will need to know several details about you, including name and birth date.

You will also select your death benefit. For more information on how much you may need, in benefits, consult this guide and our life insurance calculator. You can select anywhere from a $5,000 to a $20,000 death benefit.

Finally, you will need to select your beneficiary. This is often a spouse or child - but it does not have to be. You are not required to list any particular relation or person as a beneficiary of your Whole Life Guaranteed insurance policy.

You can specify anyone - from a grandchild to a charity- as the beneficiary of your policy. They will receive the full death benefits of your policy. If no beneficiary is named, your benefits will still be paid. The estate of the insured receives all benefits in this case.

After the Application

Once, your whole life insurance application is received, it will be reviewed. Assuming you fit the criteria that has been established, you will soon receive your Whole Life Guaranteed insurance policy. After you pay your first premium, coverage begins.

Whole Life Guaranteed

If you have other specific questions about Whole Life Guaranteed insurance, or whole life insurance in general, please contact us, or a licensed insurance agent in your area.

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